Control (My Novel)


(Credit: Christopher Hall)

Control, whose title is lifted from the iconic Janet Jackson song, embodies its name.  Theresa Marie Jenkins is a 17-year-old who thinks she knows it all. As the saying goes, a hard head makes for a soft ass and Reesa learns the hard way that she doesn’t really know much about life.

Reesa quickly becomes an It girl after speaking up at a Black Lives Matter protest but her activism gets in the way of her career. She wants to be the next pop diva on the charts. For that to happen, Reesa will have to be packaged; smile and wave as though she’s at a beauty pageant. She’ll have to give control to advisers who want her to sing on cue, tap dance on command, no throwing shoes at parties and keeping her mouth shut on the culture.

Control is a novel that addresses the political climate, #MeToo, identity and what it means when you are a young woman of color who the world doesn’t automatically think to protect.

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I Met Mariah Carey! #MariahCaution  


Me and Mariah

The Control cover is here! Novel coming very soon.



It’s 4/22/18 and I just finished a rough edit of Control. Although, after 10 years working on this novel, I know the words like the alphabet. I’ve been fussing over trying to make it perfect. I’ve convinced myself that I would fail and never get it just right. But I now know that it will succeed beyond my wildest dreams. You read it hear first. See you on the New York Times Best Sellers list.